As the name of this project suggests, Sediment explores the layers of Victoria Park, its past, present and its future. The walks originated as GPS-enabled mobile apps to work in the environment of Victoria Park itself. For more details see the Interactive Walks section below. The project uses interactive maps containing image and sound to evoke a past long hidden, and a present it may be too easy to take for granted. Working with local historian Barb Drummond, members of the Victoria Park Action Group and local artists, David Smith offers a variety of perspectives for us to explore and perhaps change our view of Victoria Park.

So far three maps exist.

The work of the Victoria Park Action Group (VPAG) is highlighted in this interactive map; the events they organise, the money they raise, and the services they perform to keep the park the focal point of the Windmill Hill/Victoria Park area. Andrew Campbell, Chair of VPAG, is our guide. The services of the Mobile Cafe, run by Emily and Elliot, are also featured, and is proving another great attraction for the people who visit the park.

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Victoria Park is an important focal point for community that lives around it. It also provides a backdrop and an inspiration for the many artists that live in the Victoria Park/Windmill Hill area. You are invited to explore the thoughts, feelings, responses to the park by some of those local artists.

Featured artists: Dylan Arnold, Julian Gregg, Emily Ketteringham, Natalie Skidmore and David Smith

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The History of Victoria Park interactive map answers the questions, what was here before the park was built, and why it was built. It also reveals the monuments and buildings that existed here, some now long gone. Local historian, Barb Drummond is our guide, historical quotations are read by Keith Jones.

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Looking ahead

The project is growing. I would like to add your voice to the map. If you feel you have a story to tell, and would be willing to be recorded for the interactive project and website, or you have some photographs of the park's past, or you would simply like to try the interactive walks in the park, please contact me at:

Interactive Walks

The interactive maps in this section are adapted from experimental pieces using satellite signals to create multimedia projects in the open environment

Using Calvium's AppFurnace online authoring software, regions are created that act as triggers for sound, image and animation on your iPhone or Android phone. So far the VPAG is walk is available for download.

If you would like more information of the interactive walks and would like to try the them in the park, visit the Sediment Download page.